Cutera ProWave XL Hair Removal

Cutera’s ProWaveTM Laser Hair Removal is a cutting-edge, non- invasive light therapy that provides long-term, permanent hair reduction for your face and body. What sets ProWaveTM apart from other laser hair removal treatments are two innovations: a custom design that allows ProWaveTM to emit infrared above 770mn and an output spectrum that is adjusted to tailor to the specific needs of each patient.

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio, New Braunfels and Fredericksburg.


The result of ProWave™ is unlike any other hair removal treatment. Its large spot size and fast repetition allow it to treat the large areas such as your legs and back quickly, helping to permanently remove hair for a wide range of skin types (Types 1-4) within just six to eight treatments (results may vary).

ProWave™ means finally saying goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair, especially if you struggle day-to-day with:

  • NIngrown hair
  • NRazor burn
  • NAbnormal hair growth (hirsutism/hypertrichosis)
  • NUnwanted hair on the face

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Before + After Results

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How Does ProWave™ Work?

Through an infrared light, ProWaveTM targets the germ cells of your hair follicles. Focusing on the anagen hairs (hairs in the growing phase), the infrared light zaps the mature pigment at the follicle bulb of the anagen hairs. By removing hair at this source, the pigment is destroyed, helping to permanently reduce the amount of hair in the area. Since one treatment is only able to remove 30% of hair that has the pigment, multiple treatments are required to fully remove hair in the desired area.

The professionals at Turquoise Springs Medical Spa use the best and most advanced technology and have the most experience to treat your hair reduction issues. The Cutera ProWave on our XEO laser platform is the best!

Cutera ProWAve XL
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