LED RED Light Therapy

This luxurious and innovative device uses the strongest LED technology, infrared light therapy, topical heat and red light therapy to deliver a precise dosage of energy to the skin.

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio, New Braunfels and Fredericksburg.

RED by Elevare Skin

RED can simultaneously produce collagen fibers and elastin, while gently erasing signs of aging in all three layers of the skin. RED promotes blood circulation for better healing and treating of the skin, revealing a youthful and rejuvenated complexion. A natural solution for anti-aging prevention and repair for the face and body.

RED promotes blood circulation for better healing and treating of the skin, revealing a youthful and rejuvenated complexion.

In addition to a multitude of anti-aging benefits, the RED is made up of technology proven to heal and aid in pain relief.

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Heat Device at Turquoise Springs

At Turquoise Springs we offer

  • RED light therapy
  • RED light Facial therapy
  • RED light therapy combined with our DELUXE HYDRAFACIAL
RED by Elevare Skin

RED is the first Elevare device that can be used with moisturizers or serums because it was designed along with a silicon skin cap. When placing the cap onto the device’s treatment head, you can use the RED device with multiple different products to boost any skincare or body treatment for regeneration or for joint and muscle pain.

Set up your appointment to experience the immediate and incredible results of a package of RED by Elevare treatments as applied by one of our Turquoise Springs clinical aestheticians.

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