Nutrition & Wellness Program

Directed by Dr. Murphy. An 8-week comprehensive, safe and customized plan to meet your needs to maintain your health and meet your weight loss goals.

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio, New Braunfels and Fredericksburg.

Initial Consultation

Once you have decided to take control of your health and wellness, the initial consultation with Dr. Murphy starts with a discussion of:

Four Lifestyle Concerns Which Affect Weight
  • NDiet
  • NExercise
  • NSleep
  • NMental Health

Schedule Your 

8 Week Plan

Our Turquoise Springs Plan addresses each of these important issues to make sure you are successful in reaching the goals set for this 8 week long plan. The rest of the plan includes the following as part of the plan for one price for the full eight weeks:

  • Consultation to review medical history, physical exam, medications, supplements, and other pertinent facts with you.
  • Body Composition Evaluation with InBody 570 and review with you
  • Initial lab work obtained for baseline studies as necessary
  • Review of daily sheet to record food/activity/water intake/sleep/mood to bring to weekly visits.
  • Discussion of diet and customized plan for you
  • Discussion of exercise plan customized for you
  • Seven weekly visits which include InBody 570, coaching, and medication injections if prescribed or indicated.
  • If a GLP-1 agonist or other medication is prescribed, the medication may be included as part of the global cost of the program.
  • Sleep pattern evaluated and treated as necessary
  • Lab work may be ordered at the end when goals are met to compare to initial lab.

Additional Items Which May Incur Charges Outside of the Global Program Charge Include the Following:

  • Lipo B Fat Burner injection. Can be given weekly to augment metabolic systems and increase energy level
  • Supplements recommended by the doctor or staff
  • Additional lab testing of Sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone) or Thyroid (TSH, T3 or T4) if indicated or suggested by Dr. Murphy
  • Other medications: prescription will be sent to your pharmacy
  • Additional recipe or diet books
  • If additional weeks are needed to complete your goals, you may extend for another 8 week course for a discounted rate.”

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