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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Looking and Feeling Great

By Bill Murphy, MD, Medical Director, Turquoise Springs Medical Spa

How we see ourselves in a mirror and feel in our clothing can be a sign of health and wellness. Does your skin glow, do your eyes twinkle, do you like the way your clothing feels on your body? The appearance of our skin and the way we feel within our skin are both evidence of vitality and health. At Turquoise Springs, we take care of all aspects of your health. We care for your skin on the outside with a variety of treatments. We realize one must address nutrition, supplements, and the health of the body and skin from the inside too. 

Our Nutrition and Wellness consultation starts with an analysis of your body on the InBody 570 analyzer. It tests for several important measurements, such as body mass, body fat, muscle mass, and visceral fat. Blood, urine, and even saliva samples may give information to help manage healthy changes. A plan to fit each person’s needs might include advice for diet, exercise, supplements, topicals, and hormones. Intravenous infusions of vitamins and minerals can help restore and maintain vital immune functions. 

If you desire to also lose weight and improve or alter body shape, a customized plan to meet your goals is possible. A diet needs to fit your lifestyle, and a “one size fits all” diet, fad, or starvation diet never lasts, even if weight is lost initially. Let’s design an eating plan based on your needs, good nutritional science, and your lifestyle. A plan to reach a short-term and a long-term goal that lasts. I prescribe and use the Glucagon mimicking (GLP-1) peptide injections (Wegovy and Ozempic) if appropriate to help my patients. The peptide stabilizes blood sugar, helps decrease appetite and decreases stomach emptying, and controls insulin secretion levels. I find it an exciting, useful tool for my patients. 

Body contouring techniques are a noninvasive way of decreasing fat pockets and enhancing muscle to shape your body in a way that pleases you. Everyone wishes to look better in clothing and without. At Turquoise Springs, I have selected state-of-the-art technology from Cutera. The TruSculpt-iD uses RF (radiofrequency) waves to erase fat cells at locations you and I select. These problem spots might be the abdomen, flanks, outer or inner thighs, buttocks, the back of the arms, or even bra-line fat pockets. Each treatment eliminates 25% of the fat cells, never to return. 

The TruSculpt-Flex uses multi-directional stimulation of muscles to tone, stretch, and condition muscles. Three different levels of treatment intensity are possible to stretch, tone, and shape muscles. We treat the abdominals, flanks, biceps and triceps of the arms, buttocks, front and back of the thighs, and even calf muscles. This treatment can be customized for the non-athlete who merely wishes to look better in yoga pants or a cocktail dress or for the elite athlete training for a triathlon. I use the TS-Flex to rehab injured athletes by stimulating weak muscles. A unique and exciting addition to our body contouring tool chest. 

“Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!” A tired and trite saying, but true nonetheless. The end of an old year and the beginning of a new one is the time many of us decide to resolve to take better care of ourselves. A consultation to form a plan for 2023 is a wonderful gift to yourself, and for those you love. Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Happy New Year to each of you! 

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