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The Secret Treatment We Offer…

There is a lot of buzz out there about micro-needling. Prickly little needles rolled over the skin to pierce the outer layer and force it into repair mode. You even feel like your serums and high potency creams are “really getting in there” after a light micro-needling. But, does it make a significant difference in your appearance? The answer is 100% yes, if done properly. And if done professionally with the Secret RF, the results are dramatic! The Secret RF is the treatment for someone ready to turn back time.

Even if you are scared to death of needles, Do Not dismiss this skin boosting technique! The microneedles are very thin and only pierce up to 3 mm, which is teeny tiny compared to a traditional needle. In fact, these needles are gentle enough to use all around your eye area where so many of us have dark circles, crepey skin and wrinkles that we have no idea how to treat. Every skin color and skin type can be micro-needled without many of the risks associated with ablative lasers.

So let’s say we start the treatment right now:

  1. 1. First your face is anesthetized with a strong topical cream. Your skin will be numb.
  2. 2. Next the provider stamps your face with our gold plated micro needles that give a flash of radio frequency heat for the strongest effect in collagen boosting. The entire face takes about 20 minutes. We can treat under the eyes in that delicate skin area and even your neck for a firming effect.
  3. 3. This turbocharges your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, which firms, improves skin texture, reduces appearance of scars, stretch marks and creates a glowing skin tone.
  4. 4. Now, your skincare ingredients travel deeper into your skin. That is why at Turquoise Springs Medical Spa, we include 3 top of the line products for follow up.
  5. 5. The recommended course of treatment is 3 sessions scheduled 6 weeks apart. The downtime after each Secret RF is 2 days of mild redness and no skin makeup. You can still apply lip and eye makeup though!

Interested in boosting this treatment with platelet rich plasma? WE CAN DO IT! By adding PRP injections to the Secret RF your results are intensified. Sedation is an option for this treatment for your comfort level, which can be discussed at your consultation.

So don’t start thinking that a scalpel or skin burning laser treatments are your only options. You now know “the Secret”