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The Secrets of Aging: Discover How to Look and Feel Your Best

By Dr. Bill Murphy
Photography by MarElly Medina

A young girl, a daughter, a mother…..All age one day at a time, one birthday after another, year after year, equally and fairly. The “process of aging” is a very different topic with more variability and choices and much less equitably. However, with proper knowledge as your tools, you can manage how you and your family plan your individual aging process and journey.

Three of the most important women in my life are pictured here. My wife, my daughter, and my granddaughter are all at different stages of life and face different challenges and opportunities. Even if you are starting later than desired, it is never too late to restore, reverse, and roll back the effects of the aging process. With the use of modern medical and aesthetic formulas and treatments, the sky is the limit with what you can achieve.

I am Dr. Bill Murphy, the medical director and owner of Turquoise Springs Medical Spa. I am a physician, an anesthesiologist, a pain specialist, a surgeon, an aesthetics specialist, a pharmacist, but most importantly, a life time student and a student of life. Over the next several editions, I will discuss topics in modern aesthetics and wellness medicine.

At Turquoise Springs Medical Spa, we know that your skin is only a visual or outward clue to your health. There are also many changes we cannot see, sitting below the skin. This is why it is also important to understand how what we eat, breathe and drink matters. Body wellness plays a major role in our skin’s health, and at Turquoise Springs, we respect the full-body process of aging. We aren’t anti-aging; we are proactive in helping your body age in a healthy and beautiful way. We work with our clients to achieve their authentic beauty, feeling good about the process, not just the results.

As such, we ask many questions related to your health. Helping you to understand the process is important to us. We are happy to answer questions such as: why would what we eat, drink, and breathe have an effect on our skin? Is Vitamin D a vitamin, hormone, or both? What is micro-needling, and how does it stimulate our stem cells to heal damaged skin cells? What questions should I ask at a medical spa consultation? How can I alter the aging process and restore vitality to my life? How can I first prevent or later restore the effects of damage and aging in various areas of my body? These are all questions that will also be addressed in the coming months in this column.

Allow me to introduce the three beautiful ladies in the picture. My wife, Tisa, is my best friend and a director/co-owner of Turquoise Springs. My daughter, Dr. Erin Ross, is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a clinician, and an author. She will be contributing to my column over the next few months, and it will be a treat for all of you. My granddaughter Chloe loves all things horses, has an irrepressible personality, is the kindest person I know, and loves Hydrafacials at Turquoise Springs.

My goal here is to make you feel better, healthier, and have love for and confidence in yourself and your appearance. If you feel good about yourself, it is easier to love all the other people in your life. I look forward to the time in this column we will spend together over the next few months.

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